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Indigenous, Feature-Rich &
Future-Proof Products
Innovative & Intelligent

Emergent Technologies
Early-Adopter, Creative
& Collaborative

Custom-Built, Adaptive &
Strategic Framework


Synergism &

Knowledge-Enabled Adaptive,
Accretive Lineage,
Delivering Optimal High Values


Proven & Successful
Optimal Value

High Potential
High Performance

Quality Deliverance...
Quintessential Intelligence...

We dedicate the best at what we do;
doing it for you and doing it well;
Be a cut above the rest
and have a Collaborative DEAL, that's I D E A L.

Intelligent, Innovative,
E-Empowering, E-Business, E-Engineering
Adaptive, Accretive

Software Technology :
Engineering Manufacture :
Project Management :
Systems Consulting
eBusiness : eEngineer : eEmpower Culminate,..We Embark Now...

To be your IDEAL Collaborative Kinetic Partner, Value Provider / Enhancer,...

    ...in the Realms of
    E-Engineering, E-Empowering, E-Business
    Systems' Dynamics,
  • with the most Innovative, Intelligent Knowledge-Enabled Adaptive, Accretive Lineage,
  • Indigenous, Feature-Rich & Future-Proof Products with Custom-Built Adaptive Strategic Framework,
  • blending appropriately the Contemporary Infrastructure, Proven Technologies, Teamwork Solutions,
  • Imbibing Emerging Technological Practices & Methodologies Effectively,,
  • Delivering Optimal High Value Products, Solutions and Services.

... in the Realms of E-Engineering,
System Dynamics...

...Proven Cost-Efforts-Value Synergetic Deliverables for Automotive,
Nuclear Medicine,

  • Software Technology

    with KALViCK

Software Technology

E-Business Realm

Independent Software Vendor, with Focus on Software Development, Management and Implementation viz.

  • Scientific Systems Software
  • Business Process Software
  • Embedded Systems Software
  • Enterprise Mobile Convergence
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Knowledge Enabled Systems
  • Artificial Intelligence Systems
  • Semantic Web Technologies
  • Pervasive Mobile Computing
  • RFID / NFC Technologies
  • Machine Learning
  • Big Data Analytics
  • M2M, IoT & Telematics Platform
  • Embedded Automotive - ECU / MCU
  • AUTOSAR Software Development
  • HMI / UI / UX Development
  • In-Vehicle Networking
    • CAN, LIN, MOST, FlexRay
  • In-Vehicle Infotainment
  • Vehicle Diagnostics
  • Engineering Manufacture

    with KALViCK

Engineering Manufacture

E-Engineering Realm

Focus for developments in Concurrent Engineering Manufacture, covering technological and scientific research with developments in manufacturing viz.

  • Engineering Product Innovation
    • CAD / CAM / CAE, Reverse Engineering, Rapid Prototyping
  • Manufacturing / Production Technology
  • Precision Tooling Manufacture
    • Plastics Molds, SheetMetal Dies, Diecasting Dies, Jigs & Fixtures
  • Robotics, Machine Learning
  • Electro-Pneumatic-Hydraulic Mechanical Machinery
  • PLC / MicroProcessor Automations
  • Automotive Precision Components
    • SheetMetal, Plastics, DieCasting Components Manufacture & Assembly
    • Adaptive & Modular Tooling of family / stack, hot runner, extrusion, wax pattern, ceramic compound, gas asisited-injection, compression, transfer, rubber, vacuumforming, thermoforming, Blow Rotamolding, multi-colour, film extrusion
  • Automotive Embedded Electronics
    • MEMS / Electronic Sensors' System Manufacture
  • Automated Production Lines
    • Design & Construction of Special Purpose Machines
  • Project Management

    with KALViCK

Project Management

E-Empowering Realm

Focus on achieving all of the project goals / objectives while honoring the scope, time, quality, budget by optimizing the allocation of necessary inputs and integrate them to meet pre-defined objectives, viz.

  • Collaborative Management
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Programme Management
  • Service / Reliability Systems
    • Total Quality Assurance Management
    • Information Security Systems
      • Management & Auditing
    • ITIL - Service Delivery, PaaS, SaaS
  • ITES & BPO Automation
    • CADD, HR Training,
    • Recruitment, Benefits & Payroll,
    • E-Publishing, Content Management & Transformation,
    • Affiliate Marketing, Resource Outsourcing & Management,
    • Scientific, Technical, Industrial Research & Development,
    • Techno-Commercial Market Research
  • Project Logistics
  • AGILE Project Management...
    • SCRUM, Extreme Programming (XP)
    • Extreme Manufacturing (XM), KANBAN
  • Quality Management Systems (QMS)
    • Quality Function Deployment (QFD)
    • Quality Function Deployment (QFD)
    • Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)
    • CMMI, Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA)
    • Advance Product Quality Planning (APQP)
    • Six-Sigma, Kaizen, Poka-yoke
  • Safety / Security Systems Integration
    • Identity, TimeAttendance / Access Control
    • Video Surveillance, Fire Safety / Intrusion Alarms
    • Green Building Management Systems
  • Systems Consulting

    with KALViCK

Systems Consulting

E-Empowering Realm

Focus for Systems Consulting viz.

  • Quality Systems Consulting
    • Certification, Regulations, Audit
    • AS 9100 — ISO 13485
    • ISO 9001 — GMP
  • Enterprise Product Systems
    • Concurrent Engineering, Product Data Management
  • Cognitive / Software Systems
    • Scientific, Technical, Industrial Research & Development
  • Corporate Talent Enhancement
    • Corporate Talent Enhancement Workshops
    • Training Programmes on
      • Contemporary Technologies
      • Technical / Business Skills
  • TranzCalibre Informaticsstrengthen, expand / advance democratic values & practices to build political and civic organisations, equally safeguard elections, promote citizen participation, openness / transparency and accountability in National Governance
    • Scientific Insight and Data-Driven Analytics based Strategic Consulting with Practical Assistance
    • To Ethically build your Corporate, Public, Civic and Political Esteem values / reputations
  • Synergistic Academia Practice & Diligent Intern Programme
    • Bridge Academic Institutions with Industries
  • Web, eCommerce, Mobile / Cloud & MBaaS Enablement Systems
    • Progressive Web Applications - (BootStrap / AngularJS / VueJS / ReactJS)
    • Mobile Native Platform - (iOS, iPhone, Swift, Android, Windows Mobile),
    • Mobile Cross-Platform - (Ionic, PhoneGap, Cordova, JME),
    • eCommerce Web Sites - (PHP, Laravel, Wordpress, Joomla, Codeigniter, Magento, Prestashop, Drupal),
    • Web Applications - (Node.Js, php, JEE, Python),
    • Web Services - (SOA RESTful API, JAX-RS, eclipselink, Jersey, Spring, Hibernate),
    • Brand Identity Management

Reasons to Choose Us

KALViCK Technologies (KALViCK) is a Total-Technology Solution provider with capabilities in Engineering Product Innovation, Production & Manufacturing Technology, Software Product Development, Software Application Management and Technology Integration Solutions, for Cross-Industry Multi-Disciplinary Realms involving / including Technology Consulting, Project Management, Specialising in Knowledge Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Machine Learning, Semantic Web Technologies, Pervasive Mobile Computing - RFID / NFC Technologies, Development of Comprehensive IoT, M2M & Automotive Telematics Platform delivering Vehicle-to-Vehicle, Vehicle-to-Infrastructure, Vehicle to Marine GPS Tracking with PTO (Monitor Power Take Off - Switches & Sensors Usage) augmentation, Fleets' Drive Profiling & Management with Usage Based Insurance (UBI), Pay-As-You-Drive (PAYD), Location Based Services (LBS), In-Vehicle-Infotainment, Big Data Business Intelligence & Analytics, delivering Total Product / Project Management Services / Solutions / Consulting & Outsourcing for its worldwide client base

  • High Potential and High Performance
  • Collaborative and Creative
  • Actively behind New Knowledge
  • Always State-of-the-Art
  • Proven Successful Value Proposition
  • Delivers Cost-Efforts-Value Synergism
  • Non-Partisan Open Technology Exponent
  • Emergent Technologies Early-Adopter

We are headquartered in India and we work all around the world through our Subsidiary Companies / Technology Providers / Business Associates / Partners and thus, we are always open / available as a result of the Time-Zone Advantage. Our Management team from Fortune 100 provides one to count on our Multi-disciplinary and Global experience in Business, Engineering, Technology and Management.


  • KALViCK Technologies (KALViCK)

    KALViCK Technologies , with its Best of Class fully loaded Technological Solutions / Services are delivered out of our effective blend of methodologies / practices, technologies and proven tools of maturity, drawn out of our over 500+ Man years of industry specific experience and are second to none delivering consistently high affordable Products / Systems / Solutions / Services collaboratively in fostering and enhancing the corporation's / company's customer-facing Techno-Commercial Business Values globally are such that with over 93% of our Products / Systems / Solutions / Services and projects' contacts are generated through our current customer base recommending our products / solutions / systems / services.

  • Knowledge Enabled Technology

    We are thus unchallenged and unparalleled with our Best of Class fully loaded Knowledge Enabled Technological Solutions / Services that are Built-up of the System Architecture for Knowledge Capture & Retention, Self Regeneration & Self Organizing, and Adaptive Self Learning Intelligence that are industry / domain specific Self-Learning Knowledge Management System (KMS) which encompasses both human & automated activities and their associated artefacts, delivered out of our effective blend of methodologies / practices, technologies and proven tools of maturity, drawn out of our over 500+ Man years of industry specific experience and are second to none delivering consistently high affordable Products / Systems / Solutions / Services collaboratively in fostering and enhancing the corporation's / company's customer-facing Techno-Commercial Business Values globally and especially in the realms of E-Business, E-Engineering and E-Empowering.

  • Strategic and Adaptive

    Our strategic, adaptive response to the needs of the companies / corporations / customers are so customised / highly focused / non-partisan by our expertise drawn out of our proven experience record in handling various real world cross-industry, cross-functional Project solutions of large base, time-bound, Integrated ERP, MRP, CRM, SCM, HRIS, HRMS, ERP-HR, Biometrics, Access Control, Time Attendance, HR Payroll, RFID, NFC, Enterprise Mobile Convergence, PLM, BPM, EAI, CIM, FMS, CAD, CAM, CAE, FEM, FEA, CFD, Product Lifecycle Data Management, applying extensive technologies / tools / methodologies from Engineering, Manufacturing, Logistics, Projects, HealthCare, Education, Hospitality, Finance, Utility Services, E-Governance & other domains in various capacities.

  • Comprehensive Solutions & Services

    Our complete range of professional services, includes on-site / off-site / offshore development and outsourcing, Open Source & Cross-Platform Migration / Integration, Middleware Integration to extend the Legacy systems, all custom designed to meet the specifics of the company / customer in Collaboration with the existing teams of them to align their business polices and IT at architectural levels by Identification of Issues & Impact Assessments, Pragmatic Recommendations, Significant Knowledge Transfer, Training & Mentoring to accelerate self-sufficiency in the Customer's team thereby reduce inherent development costs and transition them to an effective and beneficial use of a well integrated effective / advanced technologies.