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KALViCK® KeAcademia™ – Knowledge Enabled Academia – pronounced as "Key Academia" , (Collaborative, Integrated & Intelligent Academia Administration & Learning Management System – Enterprise Suite) is a true versatile Enterprise Solution, which delivers REAL-TIME Visibility, Predictability, Accountability and Management of end to end Academia Administration and Integrated Learning Management, Multi-Site Consolidation Views, Location Specific Data Analytics and eliminates the manual / paper work, a Green Software.



Prime Value & Comprehensive

Academia (Educational Institutions) Administration and Learning Management Enterprise Software System Product of

  • Prime Value,
  • Comprehensive,
  • Fully Integrated,
  • End-to-End

Solution for Advanced Distributed Administration of Schools, Colleges, Universities of Small / Medium / Large Size & Collaborative Learning.

System Functionalities

Includes All major administrative services from pre-admission to degree audit. Admissions, Section Creation and Room Assignment, Course Creation (Programs and Curricula), Advisement and Student Services, Bursar, Student History, Transfer Evaluation, Registration Transactions, Financial Aid, Management Reports, Personnel Management, Alumni and other related projects, Material Management & Procurement, Finanacial Accounting, Inventory & Warehousing, Quality Audits, Transportation, Assets Tracking, Supplier Relationship, Vendor Development, Contract Management, Visibility Analytics, Knowledge Management, Contact Centre, Collaborative Self-Service Portal, WorkFlow Alerts & Audits, Integration KIX Bridge Plug-Ins delivering Integrated end to end Academia Administration and Integrated Collaborative Learning Management System Functionalities, a true Enterprise Class Application Software Suite.

KALViCK KeAppServer Platform

KALViCK KeAcademia™ runs on our KALViCK KeAppserver™, a cross-platform Application Server supporintg SOA REST Webservices, Legacy Thick Clients of Windows, Contemporary HTML / JavaScript Clients, JME, Mobile (Android, iOS, Windows Mobile) Native Clients, thus supports multiple installation configuration of Client / Server, Web Thin Client networked environments and equally deployable across multiple Operating Environments.

Convergent with its Co-Process Systems

KALViCK KeAcademia™ integrates seamlessly with the Complementing / Supplementing Functionality from its Co-Process Systems viz. CRM KALViCK KeCARES ERP CRM, SalesForce Management, Online CRM Operations, Market Research, Marketing Automation, Sales Automation, Sales Order Processing, Channel Partner & B2B Relations Management, Customer Support, Contract Management, Field and Service Automation, Knowledge Management, Contact Centre, Collaborative Self-Service Portal, WorkFlow Alerts & Audits, Incentives, Benefits, Reimbursements Administration, Web Based Employee Self Service, Transparent Audit, Web Reports, Employee Self Service, ERP CRM Software :: KALViCK KeCARES and HRIS KALViCK KeHRIS ERP HCM, WorkForce Management, Online HR Operations, Payroll, Benefits, Reimbursements, Administration, Time Attendance, Access Control, Auto Multi-Shift,Auto Overnight Shift Rotation Managment, Auto Attendance Status Stamper, Personnel Recruitment, HR Training, HR Appraisal, Web Based Employee Self Service, Transparent Audit, Web Reports, Employee Self Service, ERP HCM Software, Payroll Outsourcing India, Payroll Service Provider, HR Software :: KALViCK KeHRIS to provide an Integrated Enterprise Academia Administration, Collaborative Distributed Learning, CRM & HRIS Software Systems Suite for multiple Locations with their consolidations. (Fully Integrated Native Biometrics authentication based GPS Location tracking of the Field Personnel, Real-Time Customer & Field Personnel Interaction Reports via Mobile Enterprise Convergence / Integration Interfaces, Flexible Multi-Mode Reports / Analytics, MIS Reports Generator, Collaborative Intranet Portal & Easy Access Web-Reports Publisher, Team Members / Team Leaders - Employee Self-Service, System Admin Control Panel, Exception Workflow Management & Authorization Modules, Email Alerts, Templated Correspondence, & more),

Enterprise Integration

Seamless Interface with KALViCK KIXBridge™ an Enterprise Integration Middleware, that Innovatively / transparently bridges & Delivers the Heterogeneous Application Systems' Cross-Platform Integration. Thus, KALViCK KIXBridge™, ensures periodic Synchronisation of these Application Systems in their Native Communication Interface, Native Application Programming Interface & Database Interface Dialects with protected data and demonstrates the proven capabilities of KALViCK's Enterprise Application Integrations with Seamless Extensibility, Integrated Security & Audit Manager, supporting Industrial Strength SQL Database - DB2, Oracle, MSSQL, Sybase, Interbase, Firebird, SAP-DB, PostgreSQL, MySQL.



Registraton and Admission Old & New Students, Student Regsitraton, Prospectus Sale, Selection Tests, Handle Registration Fees, Refundable Deposits, Course Assignment, Class & Section Assignment, Revenue Generation Analytics, Migration of Enrolled or Former Students, from / to Boards & Universities,Collaboration Questionnaires / Surveys, Forecasting, Demand Plans, Promotional Event Plans, Forecast Commit Process, Scheduling, Resource Planning, Tracking, Admission Lists, Research Analytics

Course Curricula

Program Proposal Checklists, Approvals, Concept, Devleopment & Review, Change Request Process, Course Development Guidelines, Course Instruction Administration, Create, Manage, and Maintain the Courses or Learning units, Capture and Manage Curriculum Structure & Content, Create schedule of course offerings for enrollment with days, times, locations, instructor names, and other details, Faculty Resource Allocation, Schedules, Analytics.

Student Records

Enrolled & Former Students Academic Records, Facaulty, Administrative Units, Porcess Details, Enrollment / Registration Records & Activities, Assessment of Learning, Learning Objectives Tracking, Academic History /Documentation, Certification & Program Completion and Conferral of Credentials.

Advisement & Student Services

Define Students Academic requirements, Assess Progress, Track Objectives, Assessment Reports, Status Update Tracking, Degree Audits, Analytics on the Requirements, Definition, Records, Generate Recommendations, Optimisation of Student Academics' Resource

Registration & Transfer

Course Registration, Course Equivalency, Student's Degree Objective, Block Transfer a Sub-Set of Course to an Equitable Course, Supplementing & Complementing Sub-Sets for Course on / after Transfer towards Students' Degree Objective, 2-way Matching, Activitie' Automation Alerts, Student Admission Advisor Collboration, Student Requisitions, Status Tracking, Workflow, Routing, Budget & Revenue Tracking, Analytics

Student Financials & Financial Aid

Insitutions Charge of Students' Tuition & Fees, Payments, Analytics for Bursar, Accounting, Finance Departments, Canmpaign, Program Specific Revenue Generation & Audit, Administration of Aid Programmes from Government, Institutional, Private, Industrial, Charitable Trusts' Fund sources, Delivers Education Accessibility Meeting the Students Success Objectives.

Examinations & Assessments

Proctor Office Operations Management & Support of examinations, Appointment of examiners, assessors and invigilators, examination entries, the submission of assessments, examination timetables and alternative arrangements, examination results, research assessments, taught submissions, Appointments and payments, Support for exams, script and submission archive, transcription, mock exams and collection booklets

Exam Registration & Fees, Online Services, Exam Timetable, Exam Regulations, Handbook for Candidates, Exam Centres, Circulars, Participating Institutions / Departments, Report on Exam Irregularities, Subject Information, Dicipline/Branch /Department of Study based Assessment, Assessment Frameworks, Sample Papers & Practice Papers, Marking and Processing of Marks, Examination Report, Release of Results, Rechecking and Remarking of Results, Appeal Review,Analytics

Research Administration

Coordination, Activities & Support to faculty, staff and students on sponsored projects, Effectively Monitor, Support and Facilitate Research Programs, Provides information, documents and tools to investigators and research advancement teams across the institution / university, Project Management and Grant Writing to Financial Analysis and Strategic Planning, Budgets - Planning Vs. Actual, Sponsored Programs, Compliance, Legal Issues, Finance, Cost Accounting, Analysis.

Campus Facilities Administration

Building Services - custodial, carpet cleaning, Water Logging Control, Pest control and trash pickup, Carpentry Shop, Shelving and cabinet building, Locksmith - Duplicates keys, opens locked desks/drawers, repairs locking mechanisms and maintains exit door devices, Paint, Construction provides a variety of masonry and small construction services, Concrete placement, stonework, brick masonry, backhoe services, and Bobcat services, Moving - On-campus departmental moves and coordination with contract moving companies for on-campus moves, HVAC Operations, Landscape Services, Maintenance Shop, Planning, Design and Construction, Space Management, Sustainability/Recycling, Transportation, Incentives / Performance Reviews

Parents Support

Student, Faculty & Parent Interaction Management, Case / Ticket Management, Escalation & Defect Tracking, Quality & Change Requests, Case Tracking, Parent, Faculty, Student Support Portal, Support Analytics

Industrial Placement

Training & Placement, Students eligibility Critera, assessement, Tracking, Resume Management, Industrial Partner Information, Auto-Notifications Workflow, Retail Locator, Dealer Showrooms, Academia - Industrial Collaborations & Relations Management, Students Employability Enhancement Programs, Industrial Organisation al Engagements, Sharing of knowledge, Recruitment / Plaement Process, Web Based Self-Service Portal, Analytics.

MOU / Contract Management

MOU / Contract Lifecycle, MOU / Contract Creation, Modifcation, Expiration & Renewals, Analytics.

Public Relations

Public Relations Ethics, Journalism, Media, Advocacy, Promises, campaign, Analytics

Financial Accounting

Multi-Institution and Multi-Division, Academic & Financial Year Mapping, Grouping of ledgers, General Ledger, Cost center, Accounts Payable (AP), Accounts Receivable (AR), Billing, Integrated Financial Management, General Ledger, asset management, cost tracking and accounting, cash management, budgeting, invoicing, and time attendance; Financial Management - review the financial position of the company in real time and allows for better decision-making and strategic planning: balance Sheet, Trial balance, General Ledgers, Quarterly Financial Reports, Account Statements, Gross Profit Analysis, Cost Center wise Analysis, Branch wise Profit Analysis, profitability report, Asset and Depreciation Management, Tax Management, ABC Analysis and many more.

Material Management & Procurement

Canned Procurement - 2-way / 3-way Matching, Sourcing Activities, Automation Alerts, Supplier Collboration, Purchase Requisitions, Status Tracking, Warranties, Workflow, Routing, Budget & Revenue Tracking, Analytics

Inquiry Processing, Proposals / Quotes, Product Catalog & Pricing / Discounts, Cross-Selling & Up-Selling, Contracts, Amendments, Order Processing, tracking, payment mode, inventory update, pro-forma, Multi-Channel Fulfillment, Product Configuration, Delivery, Invoicing, Supplier / Customer Portal, Self-Service, Shopping Cart & Shippment Tracker Integration, RMA, Sales Confirmation, Contract, Purchase Orders, Invoices, Documentation & Analytics

Supplier & Contact Management, Case / Ticket Management, Escalation & Returns, Defect Tracking, Quality & Change Requests, Product Tracking, Supplier Rating, Supplier Portal, Supplier Analytics

Inventory Control

Multi-Companies, Multi-Locations, Mulit-Currencies, Nulti-Languages, Strategies, Stock Database, Allocate Stock to Multiple Warehouses and Locations, Item Tracking (for serial numbers, etc), Minimum and Reorder Levels, Automated Stock Reordering, Item Pictures, Automatic Item Numbering (Manufacturing / Engineering Numbers)

Track Inventory movements & Left-Over, Lead-Times & On-Time deliveries, data analysis, Finish Products Inventory and In-Process Control with Consumption analysis for fabrics, trims & accessories, Expiry date Alerts & Reporting by article no, item, brand name, description, supplier and specification, closing stock, FIFO, storage breakdown, low level alert and stock tracking by location, Stock-In/Out by item, customer, brand name, supplier, recipient and job order

Assign Category and Sub-Categories, Quick Stock Find, Item Groups, Receive Stock, Reduce Stock Levels, Transfer Stock Between Locations, Stock Count, Different Item Units, UOM Conversions, FIFO / LIFO, Inventory Analytics.

Assets Tracking

RFID, Wireless PDAs & Tangible / In-Tangible Assets, Usage / Consumption Counters, Replacement, Depreciation, Analytics

Fleet / Transportation Management

Fleet GPS Tracking, Transportation Schedules, Pickups & Drop Adhoc Planning & Scheduling, On-Line Resource Reservations, Auto-Notifications / Workflow, Web Based Self-Service Portal, Analytics.

Library Management

Planning & Acquisition Of Materials, Negotiating Inter Library Loan (ILL), Cataloguing, Stacks Maintenance, Fee Collection Administration, Membership Management, Circulation Management, Article Indexing, OPAC, Barcode / Biometrics / RFID Identity Management, Event Planning, Fundraising, Triggers & Alerts by Email, SMS Documentation & Analytics


Multi-Warehouses, EPC Support, Activity Time Standards, Audit Trail, Strategies, Receivings Schedules, Picking & PutAway Procedures, Packing - pre-pack, store pack, assorted pack, color and size packing, Loading & Shipping, Warehousing Analytics.

Alumini Relationship

Collaboration of Students & Alumini, Contact Management, Meetings / Interactions Management, Events & Activities Tracking, Alumini Portal, Alumini Analytics.

Knowledge Management

Knowledgebase of Procedural, Current Trends, Contemporary Technologies & Solutions, Knowledge Exchange, Courses' Updation, Analytics

Contact Centre

MultiChannel, MultiRole, Communication Information Management, Email Response Management, Call Logging, CTI Interface, Schedule Optimisation, Greivance, Problem Resolution, Call Progress, Escalation, Tasks Tracking, Academics & Research Budgets, Tracking, Web Based Self-Service, Analytics

Multi-Mode Reports Manager

Define custom Filters of Data & Re-use them in one click. N-Number of Level / Category Combinations with flexible Drag-n-Drop / Rearrangement of the required columns of data, One-Click Spreadsheet Report in MS-Excel, Fixed Format Reports in Conventional format, Data Export into MS-Excel, MS-Word, RTF, HTML, XML, PDF, Text File, CSV File, Clipboard. Pivot / Cube Analytics Data Mining & highly flexible Reporting.

WorkFlow Alerts & Audits, Web-Reports Publisher

Workflow Engine with user-definable rules, Alerts Email / Text Messaging (SMS), Social Media Integration, e-documentation, Exhaustive Intelligent Queries

Graphical MIS Reports Web Dashboard

Graphical MIS Reports, Pivot, Cross-Tab Reports, Interactive Queries' Self-Service Web Dashboad & more.

AutoMailer of Current MIS Reports

Collaborative Self-Service Portal

Collaborative Portal, Events, Articles, Links & News Publisher, Faculty, Student & Parent Portals, Student & Faculty Directory, Tasks Tracking, Internal Yellow Pages, Forums, Self-Service (Associates / Managers) with Work-Flow Routing, Exceptions Management, Transparent Audit, Web Reports MIS Dashboards, Scorecards, Forecasts, BI Analytics

KALViCK KeCARES ERP CRM, SalesForce Management, Online CRM Operations, Market Research, Marketing Automation, Sales Automation, Sales Order Processing, Channel Partner & B2B Relations Management, Customer Support, Contract Management, Field and Service Automation, Knowledge Management, Contact Centre, Collaborative Self-Service Portal, WorkFlow Alerts & Audits, Incentives, Benefits, Reimbursements Administration, Web Based Employee Self Service, Transparent Audit, Web Reports, Employee Self Service, ERP CRM Software :: KALViCK KeCARES Integration

Seamless Integration with KALViCK® KeCARES™

KALViCK KeChannel™ integrates seamlessly for Complementing / Supplementing Functionality from its CRM Co-Process System KALViCK KeCARES ERP CRM, SalesForce Management, Online CRM Operations, Market Research, Marketing Automation, Sales Automation, Sales Order Processing, Channel Partner & B2B Relations Management, Customer Support, Contract Management, Field and Service Automation, Knowledge Management, Contact Centre, Collaborative Self-Service Portal, WorkFlow Alerts & Audits, Incentives, Benefits, Reimbursements Administration, Web Based Employee Self Service, Transparent Audit, Web Reports, Employee Self Service, ERP CRM Software :: KALViCK KeCARES to provide an Integrated Enterprise Academia, Advanced Distributed Collaborative Learning Management, CRM & HRIS Software Systems Suite for multiple Institutions / Locations with their consolidations

KIXBridge™ Plug-Ins

Multiple Integration Plug-Ins of KALViCK® KIXBridge™ for

Interface with Moodle, ATutor, SAP (R/3, Business All-in-One) ERP / Oracle APPS / SAGE (ERP, AccPac) / Microsoft Dynamics AX / NAV / SL ERP Solutions, MICROS-Fidelio Property Managment Suite (PMS) & Enterprise Information System (EIS), IBM Domino Groupware Solutions

Our Strength & Success

Our Strength & Success is based on our Globally acclaimed / established, highly committed adaptive / accretive Teamwork Solutions' Strategy, KALViCK KeFramework
(Kinetic / Knowledge enabled eFramework)
... In lines with SEI-CMM / ISO 9000, HL7 / DICOM, RUP, XP, Agile Models.

Our Ke-Framework advocates rich standards-based toolsets as the foundation for dynamically building and intelligently generating context-reconfigurable / context-driven collaborative, multidimensional, associative Knowledge Management application products & solutions quickly in order to meet the specific needs of corporate.

Heuristics (A commonsense rule (or set of rules) intended to increase the probability of solving some problem)

Neural Networks which are composed of interconnecting artificial neurons (programming constructs that mimic the properties of biological neurons)

Genetic Algorithms (generate solutions to optimization problems using techniques inspired by natural evolution, such as inheritance, mutation, selection, and crossover)

Fuzzy Logic (a form of many-valued logic; it deals with reasoning that is approximate rather than fixed and exact)

Building up of industry specific Knowledge Management System, (KMS) which encompasses both human & automated activities and their associated artefacts and deployed in the Industry, as Industries are the prime economy drivers of a nation.

The Knowledge Management Systems do Knowledge Capture & Retention, Self Regeneration & Self Organizing, and Adaptive Self Learning Intelligence.

Thus permitting the experts to do, what they do, i.e. best-build practical knowledge-bases & Machine Learning Expert Systems.

KALViCK KeFramework

Delivers True & Tangible Business values: