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KALViCK® KeVantage™-Hospitality, Knowledge Enabled Vantage - Hospitality pronounced as "Key Vantage - Hospitality" is the Enterprise Resource Planning Management Software System Product giving the Vantage Position for the Hotel (Inns, Resorts, Hotels, Motels, Flotels, Serviced Apartments, GuestHouses) Business segments.

Total Hotel Property Management Software System with comprehensive range of integrated modules Reservation Management, Front Desk Operations, Relations Profile Management, Guest Engagement, Restaurant Point-of-Sale, Business Centre Operations, Food & Beverage Management, Event Management, Banquet Operations, Laundry Operations, House-Keeping Operations, Back Office Operations, Service Rates, Taxes, Charges & Revenue Management, Human Resource Management, Customer Relations, Financial Accounting, Vendor Management, Inventory Management, Inventory Analytics, Materials Management, Shipment & Dispatch, Freight Management, Logistics & Deliverables Management Visibility Analytics, Knowledge Management, Contact Centre, Collaborative Self-Service Portal, WorkFlow Alerts & Audits, Integration KIX Bridge Plug-Ins meeting the requirements of very aspect of Hotel Property Management achieving an unmatched flexibility in managing business operations, delivering an effective Guest Service Engagement. Information sharing across the boundaries of not only the departments within business organization but also across the business / channel partners by utilizing the Internet / Intranet / Extranet Technology. Exhaustive reporting functions for MIS analysis.

KeVantage™-Hospitality runs on our KALViCK KeAppserver™, a cross-platform Application Server supporting SOA REST Webservices, Legacy Thick Clients of Windows, Contemporary HTML / JavaScript Clients, JME, Mobile (Android, iOS, Windows Mobile) Native Clients, thus supports multiple installation configuration of Client / Server, Web Thin Client networked environments and equally deployable across multiple Operating Environments.

Seamless Interface with KALViCK KIXBridge™ an Enterprise Integration Middleware, that Innovatively / transparently bridges & Delivers the Heterogeneous Application Systems' Cross-Platform Integration. Thus, KALViCK KIXBridge™, ensures periodic Synchronisation of these Application Systems in their Native Communication Interface, Native Application Programming Interface & Database Interface Dialects with protected data and demonstrates the proven capabilities of KALViCK's Enterprise Application Integrations with Seamless Extensibility, Integrated Security & Audit Manager, supporting Industrial Strength SQL Database - DB2, Oracle, MSSQL, Sybase, Interbase, Firebird, SAP-DB, PostgreSQL, MySQL.


Reservation Management

Reservations & Room Availability, Guest & Company Profile, Applicable Rates, No Show / Cancellation, Reservation Release, Bookings Confirmations, Multiple & Group Bookings. Planning - room planning, resource scheduling & planning, demand planning, reservation planning, and plan analysis, Knowledge Management - Collaborative Dashboard, Graphical Reporting.

Front Desk Operations

Room Allotments - as per Preferences, Best Occupancy Level, Check-Ins - Charges Configurations, RFID / Biometric Room Key Generation, Early-Check-Ins & Fees / Charges, Check-Outs - Late-Check-Outs & Fees / Charges, Guest Billings, Payment Modes, Folio Consolidation / Transfer, Loyalty Points Redemption, Check Points Gate Pass Printing, Automated Feedback Forms, Guest Alerts, Inter-related In-House Operations WorkFlow Alerts & Notifications, Room Phone Bar / UnBar, Wifi Internet Activation / Deactivation, Room Inventory Updation, Group Management, Loyalty Registration, etc.

Relations Profile Management

Guest Profile, Company Profile, Business Source Profile, Travel Agent Profile, Channel Partner Profile Generation & Relations Management

SPA & Facilitates Utilisation, Preferences Tracking & Analytics of Guest-Butlers Interaction History, Guest Purchase Behavior Cognisance to enable Proactive Services & meeting anticipatory Guest Needs with Personalised Services.

Guest Engagement

Mobile Application based Guest Self-Service for Television &Movie Ordering, In-Room-Service Ordering, In-House Service Ordering to get the right location with geo-tagging location based functions of the Mobile Devices & Apps for that Personalised Services

Enhance Guest Engagement through Digital Guest Surveys, Feedbacks, Push Notifications of In-House and / or Local Events, Sales Promotions, Discount Offers, Special Offers, Combo Packages. Mobile Payments, Mobile Gifting, Rewards, Rebates, Discounts, Points, Credits, Integrated Social Media - Posts, Reviews, & Recommendations, Geo-Targeted Communications, Affiliate Marketing - Cross Promotions, etc.

Integration with Guest Profiles Management Module facilitates Tracking & BI Analytics of Guest-Butlers Interaction History, Guest Purchase Behavior Cognisance to enable Proactive Services & meeting anticipatory Guest Needs with Personalised Services.

Restaurant Point-of-Sale

Table Management with table map, reservations, current status and wait list, Queue management - Waited on Tables, Table Transactions, Credit cards / gift cards / Loyalty cards processing, Dine-In, Delivery, Room-Service, Take-Away Operation Modes for Billing.

Interface with Digital Restaurant Menu Systems - View Only, Guest Ordering & Waiter Ordering Modes, Transactions, Tracking which give real-time information of all Orders taking place with their Progress Tracking.

Interface with Kitchen Display Systems which give real-time information of all KOTs taking place with their Progress Tracking.

Business Centre Operations

Private Office, Conference Rooms, Global Courier Service, E-Mail / Internet, Reprographic Office Equipment & Audio-Visual Equipment, Secretarial Service, Translation / Interpretation Services, Video-Conferencing, Legal Library, Wi-Fi Cards Service Operations, Guests' Service Utilisation Tracking & Unified Billing Management with Loyality Cards, Gift Cards, etc., to ensure the highest levels of creativity, convenience and efficiency for every business need and event.

Seamless Integration with Event Management & Banquet Operations for all Business Seminars, Conferences, Meetings.

Food & Beverage Management

Food and Beverage Menu Planning & Design, yield management. Nutrition & Health promotion. Operations management, quality & profit. Operations management skills. Customer service Costing, Food & Beverage Data Management

Recipes Knowledge Management - Collaborative Dashboard, Business Activity Monitoring - Food Preparation Activity Workbench - Automated Workflow, Estimating; Planning - Food item Production planning, resource planning, demand planning, Service order planning, Execution & Control

Standard Operating Procedures - food Service, Product Development, Beverage Management, Catering Management, Nutrition, Menu Engineering, Sales Analysis Plans, Execution, Cost analysis - OLAP Analytics - Graphical Reporting,

Event Management

Event Budgeting & Accounting, Event Definition, Event Tasks, Event Resource Planning, Event Orders, Service Providers.

Our Event Collaboration Management - Add-on Plugins for (Weddings, Business Conferences, Any Custom Event with major & minor details of such events like menu cards, seat arrangement, invitations, themes, correlated banquets, etc with defined collections of technologies and methods for effective Event Collaboration Management) Integrating & Supplementing other ERP / MRP (Materials & Enterprise Resources Planning, Event Schedules, Costing)

Comprehensive Integrated Innovative planning, organisation, management, processing and control of the entire flow of Resources as well as the associated information flows, creative operational plans / options & cost models ensures deliverance of Event / Banquet resources just-in-time with careful staging, sequencing and coordination, Superior Execution Tracking and hands-on control.

Banquet Operations

Prospect Management & Proforma Tracking, Packages & Menu Definition with Item Modifiers, Buffet management, Scheduling Reservations of Conference & Banqueting Resources Budgeting food sales, beverage sales and labour costs, Control of Cost vs Quality of Service, Interface with Food & Beverage Marketing, Forecast & Control of cutlery, glassware, linen and equipment, Banquet Operations Delivery Data - Banquet Purchases & Consumption Analysis, Banquet Packages Invoicing & Payment Processing.

Catering Quality Assurance & Inspection Check-Lists and execution, Measurement Control Plans, Banquet Operations & Control Tracking Reports & Analytics.

Comprehensive Integrated Innovative planning, organisation, management, processing and control of the entire flow of Resources as well as the associated information flows, creative operational plans / options & cost models ensures deliverance of Event / Banquet resources just-in-time with careful staging, sequencing and coordination, Superior Execution Tracking and hands-on control.

Laundry Operations

Collection & Identity of Soiled Linen, Sorting, Washer Loading, Chemicals usage, Washing, Extracting, Drying, Finishing / Ironing, Folding, Storing activities & Tracking.

Work Orders, Chemicals Inventory, Washer Load Scheduling, In-Line Inspection / Quality Labs, Configuration Control Management with Cost, Washer Load Utilitsation & Chemicals Consumption Analytics.

House-Keeping Operations

Room assignments, Job dispatches and Room Status, VIP Occupancy Info & VIP preferences, Room-Attendants' updates of linen / amenity / mini-bar consumption tracking, discrepancies, as well as engineering defects in real-time provides rooms status update with tracking, using room mobile PDAs.

Manage House-Keeping resources in advance through forecast, Inventory, Standard Guidelines & Special Instruction, Scheduling, Allocation, Tracking & Control Updates.

Back Office Operations

Cash Register, Shift Roster, Handover/Takeover, Night Audit, Receivables /Payables, User Access Rights / Roles. Equipment Master Information, Productivity Details, Spare Parts Details of each Equipments, Utilities Master Information, Maintenance Type, Maintenance Task Calendar, Maintenance Log, Problem Log, Repair Log, Maintenance plan, Breakdown analysis

Planning Vs. Actual Consumption Analysis, Machine / Manpower utilization Analysis, Break-down analysis with downtime status of Machinery, Production Wastage Analysis, Planning Vs. Actual Production Analysis, Raw Material Consumption Vs. FG Analysis

Service Rates, Taxes, Charges & Revenue Management

Optimisation of Linear/Non Linear Rates, Rates Inclusive/Exclusive of Taxes Seasonal Rates Management and Flexibility. Optimal Occupancy Revenue Management - Yield Management, Special Rates for Business Source and Travel Agents.

Human Resource Management

Seamless Integration with KALViCK® KeHRIS™

KALViCK KeHRIS ERP HCM, WorkForce Management, Online HR Operations, Payroll, Benefits, Reimbursements, Administration, Time Attendance, Access Control, Auto Multi-Shift,Auto Overnight Shift Rotation Managment, Auto Attendance Status Stamper, Personnel Recruitment, HR Training, HR Appraisal, Web Based Employee Self Service, Transparent Audit, Web Reports, Employee Self Service, ERP HCM Software, Payroll Outsourcing India, Payroll Service Provider, HR Software :: KALViCK KeHRIS integrates seamlessly with these modules and thus provides an Integrated Enterprise HRM / HRIS Software Modules including the Access Control, Time Attendance, Payroll & HRIS Operations for multiple Locations with their consolidations.

Multiple Integration Plug-Ins of KALViCK® KIXBridge™ for

Interface with SAP (R/3, Business All-in-One) ERP / Oracle APPS / SAGE (ERP, AccPac) / Microsoft Dynamics AX / NAV / SL ERP Solutions, MICROS-Fidelio Property Management Suite (PMS) & Enterprise Information System (EIS), IBM Domino Groupware Solutions

Customer Relations

Marketing / Sales & Channel Partner Network Management, Order Management, Inquiry Processing, Bid Process Management, Contract Management, Quotation (Pricing and Discount), Online Order Form, B2B Contract, Order Amendment, Reservations Schedule, Booking Order Processing, Order Tracking, Payment Mode, Inventory Update.

KALViCK KeCARES ERP CRM, SalesForce Management, Online CRM Operations, Market Research, Marketing Automation, Sales Automation, Sales Order Processing, Channel Partner & B2B Relations Management, Customer Support, Contract Management, Field and Service Automation, Knowledge Management, Contact Centre, Collaborative Self-Service Portal, WorkFlow Alerts & Audits, Incentives, Benefits, Reimbursements Administration, Web Based Employee Self Service, Transparent Audit, Web Reports, Employee Self Service, ERP CRM Software :: KALViCK KeCARES integrates seamlessly with these modules and thus gains a fully integrated Customer Relations Management Solution including Digital Marketing & Personalised Field Force Operations Management.

Financial Accounting

Accounts Payable (AP), Accounts Receivable (AR), Billing, Integrated Financial Management, General Ledger, asset management, cost tracking and accounting, cash management, budgeting, invoicing, and time attendance;

Financial Management - review the financial position of the company in real time and allows for better decision-making and strategic planning:

Multi-Company and multi-Division, Company Financial Year Mapping, Grouping of ledgers, General Ledger, Cost center, Voucher, Reconciliation, Profit & Loss Account, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, Reconciliation, Quarterly Financial Reports, Account Statements, Gross Profit Analysis, Cost Center wise Analysis, Branch wise Profit Analysis, profitability report, Asset and Depreciation Management, Tax Management, ABC Analysis, MIS and Other Reports.

Vendor & Inventory Management

Vendor Management

Vendor Quotes, Purchase Orders, pricing, requisitions, quotations, contracts, schedules, and vendor rating

Inventory Management

Real-time Tracking of Inventory Levels & Ingredients, Control Check-Points & Alerts to eliminate or reduce waste, theft or discrepancies, ABC Definition, Product Commodity, Item Location, Ware House Configuration, Product Configuration, Bin Card, Item Party Relation, Inventory History, Non Inventory Item, Bin Transfer, Ageing Analysis, Goods Receipt Note, GRN Approval, Material Requisition, Material Requisition Approval, Material Issues, Purchase Returns, Sales Returns, Inventory Valuation, Ware house Transactions, Transaction Activity Analysis, ABC Analysis, Product Analysis, Item Group/Type Summary, Inventory Analysis

Inventory Analytics

Inward Register, Outward Register, Material Verification/Inspection Analysis, Stock Register (Consolidated / Warehouse wise), Stock Verification Report, Stock Out Report, Re-order level report, Critical Stock Report, Stock Vs. Requirement Analysis, Access/Shortage Analysis, Material Rejection Report

Materials, Warehousing & Logistics

Materials Management

ERP Procurement, Procurement Strategy, Order Management, Purchase Analysis, Vendor Evaluation, Approved Vendor Record, Vendor Performance Monitoring, Verification of Purchased Product, Collateral Ordering, Reports, Purchase Planning Register, Purchase Register, Product/Segment wise Vendor list, Order Vs Procurement Analysis, Delayed Delivery Analysis, Vendor wise rejection analysis, Other MIS Reports

Shipment & Dispatch

Receipt of Finished Good (FG), FG Stock Maintenance, Packing of FG, Billing, Dispatch of FG, Physical Condition Verification Control, Physical Stock Verification, Dead Stock Control, Supply Scheduling, Reports, FG Stock Status, Supply Schedule, Dispatch Verification Report, Damaged/Rejected/Dead Stock Report of FG, Delayed Dispatch Analysis, Order Vs. Supply Analysis, Other MIS Reports

Freight Management

Freight order control, route planning, loading, rates and invoicing

Logistics & Deliverables Management

Customer Relations Management - Storefront, Customer Portal, eCRM, EDI; Supplier Relations Management - Supplier Portal, eSRM. E-business (B2B) - Enterprise Portals, XML- based EDI, Web Store Fronts;

Our Strength & Success

Our Strength & Success is based on our Globally acclaimed / established, highly committed adaptive / accretive Teamwork Solutions' Strategy, KALViCK KeFramework
(Kinetic / Knowledge enabled eFramework)
... In lines with SEI-CMM / ISO 9000, HL7 / DICOM, RUP, XP, Agile Models.

Our Ke-Framework advocates rich standards-based toolsets as the foundation for dynamically building and intelligently generating context-reconfigurable / context-driven collaborative, multidimensional, associative Knowledge Management application products & solutions quickly in order to meet the specific needs of corporate.

Heuristics (A commonsense rule (or set of rules) intended to increase the probability of solving some problem)

Neural Networks which are composed of interconnecting artificial neurons (programming constructs that mimic the properties of biological neurons)

Genetic Algorithms (generate solutions to optimization problems using techniques inspired by natural evolution, such as inheritance, mutation, selection, and crossover)

Fuzzy Logic (a form of many-valued logic; it deals with reasoning that is approximate rather than fixed and exact)

Building up of industry specific Knowledge Management System, (KMS) which encompasses both human & automated activities and their associated artefacts and deployed in the Industry, as Industries are the prime economy drivers of a nation.

The Knowledge Management Systems do Knowledge Capture & Retention, Self Regeneration & Self Organizing, and Adaptive Self Learning Intelligence.

Thus permitting the experts to do, what they do, i.e. best-build practical knowledge-bases & Machine Learning Expert Systems.

KALViCK KeFramework

Delivers True & Tangible Business values: