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KALViCK Solutions / Services are delivered out of our effective blend of methodologies / practices, technologies and proven tools of maturity, drawn out of our over 500+ Man years of industry specific experience and this expertise makes us uniquely qualified to provide the Best of Class fully loaded Technological, Collaborative workflow solutions / services.

KALViCK Solutions & Services

Our technology tools, platforms, architecture and frameworks are an effective blend to act as the glue necessary to bridge enterprise technology gaps for faster times to benefits and help us focus on delivering advanced and cost effective business functionality thereby significantly reduce risk and accelerate delivery.

Our custom-built tools help us understand the complex business environments of our customers and enable us to automate the development of new business processes. Thus we develop not only solutions to the problems but also tools to arrive at solutions for such problems.
We have helped more than 500+ Clients worldwide modernize their business process, add core business value, reduce development risks and compliment / supplement with principle business solutions quickly and reliably is the key to our success..
We have proven / established track record of rich expertise / experience in delivering, enhancing & maintaining the Diverse Techno-Commercial Values of the real world cross-industry, cross-functional systems for almost every Business Domain.


Our Business Domains

    • Academia
    • AeroSpace
    • Apparel / Textiles
    • Bio-Technology
    • Defense
    • e-Governance
    • Engineering
    • Finance
    • HealthCare
    • Hospitality
    • Insurance
    • Logistics
    • Manufacturing
    • Nuclear Medicine
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Production
    • Professional Services
    • Projects
    • Retail
    • Stocks
    • Telecomm
    • Engineering
    • Tourism
    • Utilities


Our Practice Framework is a re-usable design for a system or subsystem and includes support programs, code libraries, a scripting language or other software to help develop and glue together the different components of a system project. And various parts of the framework may be exposed via appropriate APIs.


Data Mining & Data Warehousing, Big-Data Analytics - Hadoop, Hive, Spark, Storm, Artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, Machine vision, Mobile collaboration and e-learning, Semantic Web, Wearable computer, Cloud computing - AWS, OpenStack.


Innovation, Design, Development, Optimization of Product Engineering, Tool Engineering & Embedded Engineering Systems. CAD/CAM/CAE, PLM systems integration, Engineered Tool & Alloy Steels & Engineering Plastics, Properties, Selection & Heat Treatment, Machinability & Formability, Cutting, Forming & Tooling Parameters. (Aerospace, Automotive, Defense, Electronics, Energy & Power Generation, Telecomm, Telematics, Healthcare)


Source from the Right Source, End-To-End HR (Recruitment, outsourcing & Staffing, Workforce Administration, Talent Management, Learning and Development, Compensation, Performance & Rewards Management, Benefits Administration, Multi-Biometric based Multi-Locational Time Attendance Consolidation & Centralisation with Integrated Automatic Payroll Generation & Outsourcing with Employee HR Self-Service) & CRM (Marketing, Sales, Service) BPM Services, Strategic Business, Customer Focussed, Optimise Revenue, Profit & Customer Satisfaction, Analytics to Standardize and Harmonize Processes through our KALViCK Human Capital Management & Customer Relationships Management ERP Suites.


Our Custom Manufacturing Technology Solutions derived out of our multiple decades of Expertise & technical Know-how have helped the manufacturing industries realise their productivity & maintain their cutting edge which include: CAM/CIM, PLM Systems integration, Engineered Tool & Alloy Steels & Engineering Plastics, Properties, Selection & Heat Treatment, Machinability & Formability, Cutting, Forming & Tooling Parameters, rapid prototyping, Welding & Fabrication, Protective Coating, Jigs & Fixtures, Press Tools, Die-Casting Dies, Plastic Moulds, Extrusion Dies, Material Handling equipments, robots, pallet changers, Automats & Transfer Lines, assembly systems, automated systems & cells & Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS).


Our Software Project Management methodology uses domain specific models which are derived from assortments of models to achieve goals and planned results within a defined schedule & budget. (Adaptive, Agile, Crystall, DSDM, XP, FDD, ITIL, JAD, RAD, RUP, SCRUM)

Our Manufacturing process management (MPM) (defined collections of technologies & methods for effective Products Manufacturing) supplementing ERP / MRP (Materials & Enterprise Resources Planning, Manufacturing Schedules, Costing)

Machine Intelligence

Machine Learning, Automotive Telematics (RFID, NFC, M2M, IoT, IVI, V2V, V2I, V2M, GPS, UBI, LBS, PAYD) , Semantic Web Technologies, Pervasive Mobile Computing, Big Data Business Intelligence & Predictive Analytics.


Scientific Systems, Business Systems and Technology Consulting (Project scoping and planning, Business process and system design, Project management support)


Design, Manage, Implement, Deploy and Administer Information Technology Systems on behalf of our Client Organizations.

Project Logistics

Our Comprehensive Integrated Approach (integrated planning, organisation, management, processing and control of the entire flow of materials and goods as well as the associated information flows) includes Innovative solutions with strong Engineering Orientation, creative routing plans / options & cost models to deliver your project resources just-in-time with vital project support tools for careful staging, sequencing and coordination. (includes logistics planning at all stages of the project cycle from site selection to Pre-FEED, FEED and final execution, Meeting delivery deadlines by overcoming multiple challenges by Rigorous, detailed planning. Superior execution and hands-on control which are the Key elements of successful project logistics)


Our eSecurity Solutions includes total electronic security system integration solutions covering eAccess, eAlarm, eSurveillance Systems offerings which include Premises' Access Control / Time Attendance, Intrusion Safety & Security Alarms, Video Surveillance with IP, HD & Analog CCTV Cameras, Hybrid DVRs & NVRs, well supplemented with cloud based surveillance solutions too..


Synergistic Academia Practice (SAP) & Diligent Intern Programme (DIP)

KATSE (KALViCK Applied Technologies & Software Engineering) has been formed to deliver these Synergistic Academia Practice (SAP) & Diligent Intern Programme (DIP).

Aims at preparing Industry-ready professionals

Achieves synergism among the students, faculty & industry professionals

Aligns the needs of the academia, the faculty & Students, with the needs of the Industry

KALViCK invests about 6~9% of their revenue to this concept of preparing industry ready professionals